Prime Minister's Talk, Cleanse Your Soul

CHENDERONG BALAI, October 29, 2019 - Located at Al-Ansar Mosque, there was a talk given by Ustaz Azhar bin Latif. The program was organized by the Islamic Religious Council and the Sultan of Perak (MAIPk) district of Teluk Intan and Mosque Committee Members. The purpose of the talk was to increase the knowledge of the community about zakat and waqf and to raise awareness among mosque members of the importance of paying zakat and waqf. At the same time, a moving zakat counter from the Marketing Division was opened in the yard of the mosque to give the congregation a chance to pay the zakat or to ask any questions regarding zakat and waqf. The event involved AJK Mosque, MPKK Members, MAIPk Downstream staff and officers from the Marketing Division. Besides, attendees gained knowledge from the speakers, enhancing the relationship between MAIPk staff, AJK Mosque and attendees.

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