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Chief Executive Officer Message

Assalamualaikum WBT and Greetings,

May you be in the state of grace and blessing of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.
I would like to welcome you to visit the Official Portal of Majlis Agama Islam and Adat Melayu Perak (MAIPk)

Dear visitor,
I thank you for taking the time to browse this site. This portal is a platform for sharing information about information, info, activities and programs that MAIPk has implemented.

MAIPk is one of the State Statutory Bodies of Perak. In general MAIPk is the leading organization responsible for the administration of zakat and wakaf in the State of Perak. The charity fund is an important instrument for eight groups of people who need help with the many forms and forms of assistance that MAIPk has provided. It is a challenge for MAIPk to help all groups of people, especially the poor and needy, to change their lives and get them out of poverty.

Besides, since 2016, the Waqaf Perak Ar-Ridzuan (WPAR) has been established to provide legal channels for individuals and organizations to communicate through MAIPk. The creation of the WPAR promotes the socio-economic development of Muslims in the State of Perak as well as the development of waqf and Muslim property for charitable purposes and charitable purposes. There are four main areas implemented through WPAR namely religious, economic, health and education. Contributions through the WPAR will include projects and programs such as Student Hostel Dormitory at Sultan Azlan Shah University (USAS) Kuala Kangsar, Quranic Development and Development Waves, Haemodialist Center Construction Waves, Waqaf Business Center Construction Wakaf (WBC), Program Knowledge Wax MUMTAZ, Boat Waves, Tahfiz Maahad Development Fund Waves and Cash Waves.

Now in the face of the challenges of the Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0), all the information at the fingertips and the latest techniques used in developing this portal, MAIPk customers can not only access the information they want, but also download the information. Such deals can also be made through online applications that will certainly facilitate and speed up customer service.

To the end, I have been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of MAIPk and always strive to ensure that MAIPk's plans will be implemented and implemented as planned.

The support of the browsers and customers is greatly appreciated and appreciated. I thank you for your continued visit to this site and I hope that this official portal will provide useful guidance for all visitors to obtain the information they need quickly and efficiently. We will always make sure that this site contains up-to-date and relevant information that meets the needs of this modern world that can provide input to our customers and hopefully benefit everyone. The MAIPk welcomes any suggestions and feedback from all parties so that the service can be updated from time to time.

Welcome to the MAIPk Official Portal.

Thank you.
Mr. Shahrul Azam Bin Shaari
Chief Executive Officer
Perak Islamic Religious Council and Malay Customs

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