MAIPK Visits Asnaf At Bagan Datuk District

Hutan Melintang, January 18, 2017 - In conjunction with the settlement program in the district of Perak, First Minister of Bagan Datuk, the Perak Islamic Religious Council & Malay Customs (MAIPk) have joined the program to visit asnaf around Hutan Melintang. The program involves MAIPk from headquarters and the MAIPk Teluk Intan Regional where the MAIPk was led by Chief Executive Officer MAIPk, Dr. Amiruddin Bin Muhamed. Also present were the General Manager of Zakat Distribution MAIPk, Ustaz Bakri Bin Lee, Manager of Development Asnaf Unit MAIPk Zakat Distribution Division, Ustaz Ahmad Muzammil Bin Arbaeen, the District treasury officer of MAIPk Teluk Intan, Mr. Zul Azri Bin-Hosaini and MAIPk officials.

MAIPk have visited as much as 10 houses in which they are the poor and asnaf converts. The asnaf visiting program comprehends the problems of asnaf life, in addition to the other requirements put by the MAIPk. In the same time, the MAIPk also update the family information. This visit is also a continuation of the MAIPk Asnaf Concerned Squad, that always perform search and reach out to the asnaf in helping these people who urgently need help to make a living for their lives.

In addition, MAIPK sets up a mobile counter to move the channel resources and provide convenience to the community to learn more about MAIPk and MAIPk function. Local people can also get the services of calculation and pay of zakat. MAIPk will open a mobile counter in the settlement for First Minister of Bagan Datuk Program until 21 January 2017.


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