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Asnaf Assisted With Medical Assistance

SELAMA, December 11, 2019 - Located in Kampung Teluk Mas, the delivery of equipment under the Medical Assistance Scheme to patients has been implemented through the MAIPk Asnaf Track Program and the Kariah Pilgrimage Program with the Dakwah Division. The donation of beds and diapers was conveyed by the Regional District Officer of the AF, Ustaz Muhammad Naquib bin Mohd Tarmizi to Mr. Mohd Isa bin Harun | For the second recipient, a medical bed was presented to Mrs. Zarina's daughter Bahadun. Hopefully, with this help, you can comfort the asnaf. Thanks to Zakat payers.

Let's accelerate the zakat payment before DECEMBER 31 to qualify for 100%

Getting around is easier with your fingertips at https://ezakat.maiamp.gov.my

Visit www.maiamp.gov.my or call 05-2084100 for more information.



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