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Perak Islamic Religious Council & Malay Customs (MAIPk) Website has gone one step further to provide an appropriate basis for the people to explain the rules and guidelines for their participation on the Website.

MAIPk welcomes you to visit this administrative website. We appreciate your use of the tools provided through our website. MAIPk depends on your participation and contribution that is valuable to develop a two-way communication program.

In order to provide you with the latest information and opportunities to participate in the development process and improve our services, MAIPk website use some equipment to enhance two-way communication, which is through feedback and votes / survey. In addition, the site allows interaction in social media networks such as Facebook.

Therefore, MAIPk welcomes all objective and constructive discussion on the site while preserving the rights issue. We urge our visitors to adhere to the following :-

1. Avoid discussing political issues.
2. Use appropriate language.
3. Proper use of English or Bahasa Malaysia.

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