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  • The Menara Asnaf Hijra Program to the Ivory Tower (HIASMEGA) 2020

The Menara Asnaf Hijra Program to the Ivory Tower (HIASMEGA) 2020

LENGGONG, March 4, 2020 - Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Perak (MAIPk) held the closing of Poltava Asnaf To the Ivory Tower (HIASMEGA) 2020 in the Great Hall, KKTM Lenggong. The ceremony was officiated by YDH. Young People Like Rich King Shahbandar Younger Series Dato 'Ar.LA Meor Roslan bin Dato' Seri Hj. Meor Ahmad Rashidi, Head of Colonial Hulu Perak. Also present was MAIPk Charity Division general manager A.F Ustaz Bakri bin Lee. The program is part of MAIPk's initiative in improving the economic and social status of the Fakir and Poor in the field of education to enable children to continue their education at institutions of higher learning (IPT) and to compete in the workplace. This program is a preparation for students to determine their direction after obtaining the Certificate of Education Malaysia (SPM) as well as preparation before entering their HEIs. The program will also help students get more information on the preferred HEIs including the courses offered and the terms of admission. Besides, it helps identify the courses offered in the interest and aspirations of the students while also helping to obtain excellent results in all subjects that will be taken up and then gain employment in the industry.


      1. Increase students' motivation and knowledge of existing programs of study throughout Malaysia in    
          preparation for continuing their studies after obtaining SPM results.   

      2. Provides information on the assistance provided by MAIPk to encourage students to continue their   

Eliminate the poor of the poor and the poor from the shackles of poverty through education.

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