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Sakinah Family Muallafs Motivational Camp

Batu Kurau 6 - 8 May 2016 - While other friends going to Moral Education class, I was more interested in Islamic education classes because i was interested in approaching Islam. That is one of the story shared by one of the participants of Sakinah Family Muallafs Motivational Camp held in Teratak Afrina Chalet, Batu Kurau. The camp goes on for 3 days 2 nights accompanied by a total of 40 people from 13 families of asnaf converts in Kampar district.

Sakinah Family Muallafs Motivational Camp is organized by the Islamic Religious Council and Malay Customs Perak Kampar District and operated by Ustaz Muhammad Bin Zainuddin Zhofran of Islah Training and Consultancy.

During the program, participants were exposed and shared variety of family management knowledge so that the objectives of this program, which is cultivate good values of Islam in family relationships, manner and personality as Muslims, improve spirit and awareness being Muslim and tighten bonding beetween families.

Ustaz Ahmad Muzammil Bin Arbain, Asnaf Development Unit Manager from Zakat Division officiated the closing program. In his speech, he hopes that the experience and knowledge gained from this program can be adapted by the participants. He also thanks to all those who involved in the success of Sakinah Family Muallafs Motivational Camp

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