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Business Zakat implementation talk

Kuala Kangsar, 11 Mei 2016 - A briefing on the implementation of Business Zakat was presented to all Bukit Gantang RnR and Sungai Perak RnR traders, to seek enlightenment on Business Zakat practice methods correctly. The briefing was presented by the General Manager of Marketing, Mr. Ahmad Nazim bin Md Tajuri. Hopefully with this briefing, it will make them understand the obligation of Zakat and generate sincerity to perform this noble ibadah.

During our worship of Allah, we certainly want to do a charity that will received by Allah. We do not want any charity that we do in vain.

Then there should be two things that must be satisfied in doing zakat:

1. Ibadah is done in good faith
2. Ibadah is in accordance with the guidance of Islamic law.

These two things can not be separated or less of both. Al-Fudhail bin ~Iyadh rahimahullah interpret "The best deed is the most faith and true"

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