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MAIPk Induction Program for Abroad Sponsored Students 2016

Ipoh, May 28, 2016 - Closing Ceremony of Induction Program MAIPk Sponsored Students Abroad in 2016. For the record, this event has been carried out for 2 days starting from 27 to 28 May 2016.

The event was attended and officiated by Dr. Y.B Amiruddin bin Muhamed MAIPk as the Chief Executive Officer. Also present, the General Manager of the Distribution of Zakat, Ustaz Bakri bin Lee and Asnaf Development Unit Manager, Ustad Ahamad bin Arbaeen Muzammil.

A total of 66 students will receive MAIPk sponsorship with fractions of 57 people to Egypt, 8 for Jordan and 1 to Morocco. Students will be sponsored entirely in terms of flights, Markaz language as well as their studies there. For information, the students will receive RM 3,500.00 to follow Markaz Language and RM 6,500.00 per year after entering college.

Those selected are students who meet the eligibility requirements of MAIPk based on academic excellence.

MAIPk also celebrate a total of 68 students who do not meet the eligibility requirements of MAIPk where they will be financed half and aid as much as RM 3,500.00 per year and have the opportunity to become sponsored students should they get impressive results during the study period.

Hopefully the mandate entrusted to the MAIPK can help the students to gain knowledge of God as best as possible. MAIPk pray for these students constancy and earnest study.

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