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Special Bed Aid Given by MAIPk

Lambor Kanan, 17 Jun 2016 - For this family, year 2014 and 2015 is full of challenges. Implicated in major floods, finally the head of household prolonged illness and died in March 2015. The family lose dependency and source of income.

Mrs Rosmah Shuaimi sew to support 5 children. One of his children, Siti Nur Syafiqa Mahamod, 19 years old, have serious illness since childhood and it gets quite critical in recent years. She only able to lie down, depending on the special milk given through a tube into his nose.

Our representative, Seri Iskandar Distric Baitulmal Officer immediately sympathize the family. Giving special bed and monthly consistent assistance to her family. Now the family is staying in her father's house. Hopefully, with the help given it is able to relieve some of the burden of the family.

YOUR Zakat payment have saved a family. It is possible that YOUR Zakat payment will also save thousands of lives.

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