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Disaster Aid Given To The Diner Dealer

Ipoh, June 15, 2016 - Disaster experienced by these family is a big challenge when they leased the restaurant which is the only place to find sustenance and livelihoods have been burned. This family has no place to make a living and also a place to stay where they previously lived in the back of the store. It is understood that during the incident, this family is not in the shop.

However, armed with a strong spirit, the head of this family get up and thank to Allah, as we can see they have the plans for restoring their shop.

Now, the family is staying with their mother, and do business in Ramadan bazaar.

Our presence was greeted with smiles and tears to find strength in facing this challenge. SPA has donated aid and assistance to the family.

We hope this family keep strong and sustained momentum to get up from the fall.

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