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  • Juta Zakat Wang Dikumpul ... Tetapi Mengapa Ramai Orang Masih lemah?

Juta Zakat Wang Dikumpul ... Tetapi Mengapa Ramai Orang Masih lemah?

Poverty is a subjective matter. It comes and goes. Like a spinning wheel, today we're happy tomorrow is uncertain. This occurs due to various factors, many of which can not be controlled.

Among the causes of poverty in the Perak state are:

1. Irresponsible Head of Family

This condition occurs when the head of the family failed carry his responsibilities in providing a living, leaving dependents, so that the space of criminal involvement or so.

2. Economy

Uncertain economic factors situation plays an important role in increasing of the rate of poverty such as job loss, bankruptcy, rising cost of living and so on.

3. Fatality

The death of the head of the family who is the backbone of the family economy will also cause the family plunged into poverty.

4. Divorce

The collapse of the family institution also led to a family that can be indigent or poor. The ex-wife and children bear a heavy burden of divorce.

5. Catastrophe

Catastrophe such as chronic disease, accidents, fires and so would drive the family to poverty.

This is one of the factor why poverty is ubiquitous and growing. Poverty can not be eradicated 100% but poverty can be reduced.

The life cycle will continue to spin like a wheel. Today and tomorrow is uncertain. Today we are rich, tomorrow we are poor, today we are happy, tomorrow we are uncertain. Certainly the zakat will arrive when you need it.

So together we help the asnaf. Help us provide information to those who need our "Asnaf Concerned Squad".

May Allah always simplify all our matters.





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