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Disaster relief, residence stricken by tree

This morning, MAIPk Asnaf Caring Squad (SPA) visit Mr. Rosli bin Mat Ros family in Kampung Dato Ahmad Said, afflicted because of his damaged residence stricken by tree during a strong wind on Friday.

Fortunately, no injuries suffered by Mr. Rosli family members on that day. However, one of the room roof and part of toilet was badly damaged and needs to be fixed immediately so that water could not get into the house when heavy rains.

For information, Mr. Rosli family lived in the rented house where he just took the wages for small-scale vehicle paints, and his wife worked as an assistant in a grocery store. Hence, to help this family, cash donations were presented by MAIPk representatives.

Hopefully this contribution will ease the burden faced by Mr. Rosli family, In sha Allah.

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