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MAIPk`s Visits to Dialysis Panel Center at Perak

MAIPk has conducted tours for three (3) days, on the 28th, 29th and 30th September 2016 to several dialysis panels centers around Perak.

This year up to June 2016, which dialysis patients were funded by the MAIPk is a total of 728 people and it cost almost RM 9 million. The cost for a patient on dialysis involves an expenditure of RM 28,680 of RM2,390 per month.

Each year, the MAIPk spend over RM22 million for the cost of dialysis, an average of 700 recipients who were treated at a dialysis center panels appointed by the MAIPk.

MAIPk expect this help to ease the burden of patients who can not afford to cover the costs of treatment and provide an opportunity for patients to lead a better life with better health.

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