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Overseas Scholarship Aid Rate (Indonesia) Raised

Perak Islamic Religious Council & Malay Customs (MAIPk) departed for Aceh, Indonesia during a visit to Aceh, MAIPk delegation led by the Chief Executive Officer MAIPk, Dr. Amiruddin Bin Muhamed with General Manager of the Distribution of Zakat, Ustaz Bakri Bin Lee and Development Unit Manager Asnaf, Ustad Ahamad Bin Muzammil Arbaeen.

The visit lasted for three days, giving the opportunity to mingle with the 90 students of MAIPk Perak who is studying at the UIN Ar Raniry, Aceh Indonesia.

MAIPk Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Amiruddin bin Muhamed in his speech announced the hike rate Scholarship of Zakat Perak funds to students studying in Indonesia under asnaf Fisabilillah starting in 2017 totaling RM 5,500.00 per person for one year. In his speech as well, to qualify for a student to receive Scholarship, students must meet the criteria and conditions set by the MAIPk.

MAIPk has also made a discussion internally in an effort to provide facilities for students to apply. God willing, this facility will be more systematically using the online application system to enable the students to apply for Overseas Scholarship Aid Scheme.

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