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  • Waqf Development Program and Progress of al-Quran Knowledge for Perak State Mubaligh

Waqf Development Program and Progress of al-Quran Knowledge for Perak State Mubaligh

IPOH, October 16, 2016 (Sunday) "About 43 missionaries and Perak actuators participated in Instructor Training Course of the Koran by using Abahata Al-Jabari.

This program is one of the Waqf Projects Ar-Ridzuan Perak (WPAR), which was launched on 7 April 2016. The course was held for two days on 15 and 16 October 2016 at the Training Institute of the Public Officers (ILPA), Ipoh.

The pilot program has been made possible together between Islamic Council and Malay Customs Perak (MAIPk) and the Institute of Al-Quran (IPAQ) and Perak Islamic Religious Department (JAIPK).

Through this program, the missionaries who have undergone the course will be sent to help the new converts and indigenous Muslims read the Quran using Quranic learning method which is fast and easy. This method aims to eradicate illiteracy Quran and consolidation of basic reading the Quran.

The course lasts for 2 days, was filled interesting knowledge and organized. Among identification method of Abahata Quran reading, Tahsinul Qiraat slot which handled by International and National Level of Quran Recitation Champion and also micro slot teaching.

Waqf Development and Development of the Koran Knowledge is an initiative of the MAIPk to spread knowledge of the Koran in the life of the community through teaching, learning, understanding, appreciation and application of the science of the Qur'an regardless of age and standard of living.

The closing ceremony was officiated by YBhg. Dr Amiruddin bin Muhamed, Chief Executive Officer (Management) MAIPk. Also present was Deputy Chairman of the IPAQ Dr. Tajuddin Jalil, officials GPA AND JAIPK.

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