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MAIPk aid recipients who have chronic hearing problems

Human senses consists of five main senses of taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing. However, there are sometimes people`s hearing will be affected by several factors such as health and so on.

That is Nur Humaira Hanisah binti Mohd Harizan, 7 years old with a chronic hearing problems, which requires the help of hearing aids.

After receiving the request for the medical assistance from the applicant`a family, the application began with the haddul Kifaya and finally the MAIPk has approved the medical aid in the form of a digital hearing behind the ear type Saphira 3 CPX VC PS BE, 13 Hearing Solution BLI, Kit Bag and Air Blowers amounted RM5,580.00 to this sister.

Thanks for tax payers. You we distributed to recipients who require and so can help overcome hearing problems hanizah sister Nur Humaira during lesson at school.

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