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Income from RM19-22 per day to RM120-150 per day

Allah is the Sustainer. Of His possessions we come, with the His power also  Allah can pull it back!

Muhamed Fareed originally run a small businesses using his poorly motorcycle selling Putu Mayam around the town of Bagan Serai. His income is not more than RM850 a month. When he is taking care three children who are still in school, renting a small house and wife as housewife, the revenue was only RM46.30 per month rate exceeds the limit of Had Kifayah.

It is impossible with the number, he was able to spend more to pay the tuition for the children, buy new clothes, change the motorcycle, even installing a reverie as we are already far away.

Your Zakat is the reason ASNAF out there getting their burden ease. Your Zakat had improve their lives.

YOUR Zakat have changed the lives of this family. With the "Pemerkasaan Asnaf Program", the MAIPk help his business. Providing cash capital and all equipment and motor tricycles.

YOUR Zakat are the cause of many ASNAF outside be lightened the load. YOUR Zakat have improved the THEIR lives!

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