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Asnaf Tracking Program MAIPk Seri Iskandar Regional

Seri Iskandar, 3 November 2016 - "Mother`s love brought to Heaven, Mrs. Patimah binti Mohd Rasid, a senior citizen who persist and diligent to care for her children, Shahrudin suffering from intestine health problem. She also took the responsibility of taking care of her two young grandsons who were still a kids. Results from MAIPk visit to her residence in Kampung Talang Batin, Drainage, MAIPk has approved the immediate relief to families and monthly financial aid other than milk supply for Mr. Shahruddin health. MAIPk will also cover the cost for Mrs. Patimah eyepiece surgery.

The next visit is to the Titi Gantung, Bota to visit daughter of Puan Ajor binti Kadir. She lives with her only son who is studying and has a quite serious health problems. Results from this visit, MAIPk have extended the aid in terms of finance in addition to the monthly rent of her house to settle the outstanding utility bills and her rent house. MAIPk also approved the monthly aid to this family.

Mr. Shaferi bin Pandak Samat, an elderly man who lived with his family on the outskirts of the "Perak River" in Kampung Padang Changkat Bota. He does not have constant income from the sale of vegetables and run poultry farm on a small scale. A dilapidated houses with no supply of basic utilities such as water and electricity and a small hut to shelter these families. MAIPk then has sponsored this family to received immediate and monthly financial aid and build a house for this family.

Asnaf Tracking Program, Seri Iskandar Regional by MAIPk be continued to Public Housing Plan Changkat Sodang to visit Mrs. Aisha binti Mortaza. She has a child with congenital heart disease. Result from this visit, MAIPk contributed an immediate help in addition to help the family financially for the medical expenses for Mrs. Aisha`s child.

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