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He Rose From The Darkness With Faith Testimonials

Medan Gopeng, 22 November 2016 - This writing is shared for public viewing after getting his consent. He shared with our employees when conducting Ops Commerce Trail in Ipoh.

When starting a business, he often perfunctory exercise of religious duties. Prayer is often left alone and also a zakat. After all these years, he moved with his consciousness to pray and pay zakat.

When the interview took place, he repeatedly mentioned prayer syariat and zakat, and Surah al-Momineen and read the related verses.

The first year of the zakat, its business went as usual. Entering the second year after the revised business account, without forgetting to calculate the zakat before calculating the tax deduction to be paid.

When calculated zakat payable increased, he once realized that there was indeed an increase in profit in his business compared to last year. If previously the business was invisible and often not enough, even this second year (after paying the obligatory first year ago), he realized that he could help his family even more.

Also employees with financial problems would often ask for his help. In fact not only that, he is also able to build new toilets for his in-law who is sick and other assistance even if he is not aware of the responsibility must be shouldered to him.

Year by year the business grows until today. The first capital is very small when he started the business, now the annual gross profit of RM 6 figures a year. Which would have strengthened his determination to explain its business zakat, the facilities in operation running smoothly and not too burdensome. Both complaints from customers, employees problem, payment of utilities, facilities in the administration of licenses and so even his family is getting better.

Although he had heard viral news about the improper of Zakat centers in Malaysia, he remained confident that the course of Allah if performed with faith, it will not only benefit the Ummah more, even perhaps Allah response to ourself gets clear.

(Source: FB Zakat Perak-MAIPk)

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