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We Collect, We Distribute

MAIPk Kuala Kangsar had visited Mrs. Zakiah binti Ismail, a widow. Her late husband died on 14 September 2015 due to a stroke. Before the death of her husband, her family's income from the business at night markets along her late husband.

Losing her husband changed her life and assumes she has to take over the task of the head of the family. The situation worsened when she had an accident that caused the car severely damaged. The house rent had been outstanding for four months and caused her family had to move out of the house. Two sons now live in the orphanage in SK Sg Kepar while his eldest son had been out of school for almost two months due to financial factors. Her third child was studying in private Tahfiz Institution, have arrears and had to move into the daily school session next year.

Immediate assistance was delivered by Ustaz Suhaimi Yusoff, Kuala Kangsar district treasury officer. Immediately assistance wash handed over to meet the current needs and Kuala Kangsar MAIPk will take action to process some rental aid schemes such as housing, rental arrears before, Tahfiz Institution arrears and the needs of children school to the next year session through Zakat funds.

We wish Mrs Zakiah binti Ismail and the child is given the power and momentum to face the challenges. "Verily, with every difficulty there is relief" (Surah Al-Inshirah, paragraph 6).

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