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Enhancement of Motivation Camp for Asnaf at Muallim District

Batu Kurau, December 11, 2016 - A total of 35 students composed of orang asli children and asnaf who have joined the camp of Motivation Enhancement for Asnaf in Muallim District from 9 to 11 December, 2016. Students have been selected from several schools around the Muallim area.

Program held at the Mawaddah Motivation Center, Batu Kurau which is organized by the Division of distribution of Zakat in cooperation with the Regional of MAIPk Muallim and Actuators of Muallim District. During the three-day camp in Mawaddah Motivation Center, Batu Kurau, students has been exposed with modules specially designed to consolidate the concept of human behavior and thus could form a sound personality among the participants.

Muallim District Treasury Officer, Mr. Dzulbazli bin Mahamad Ali have officiated the closing program. He thanked all those who participated in the motivation camp. He also hoped that the students and participant got to practice all the knowledge and lessons learned from this motivational camps.

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