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Asnaf Barber Shop Opening "A & A Barbershop @ Meru"

December 22, 2016, Meru - Perak Islamic Religious Council & Malay Customs
in the effort to produce skilled asnaf entrepreneurs thus can get out of poverty through Asnaf Eeconomic Empowerment (PROPER A) has been executed with the opening of "A & A Barbershop @ Meru" in December 22, 2016 by Chief Executive Officer MAIPk, Dr. Amiruddin bin Muhamed at Masjid Al-Ansar, Meru.
PROPER A is intended to provide an opportunity and the asnaf economic  empowerment of potential productive in the business and brand asnaf business through the Capital Assistance provided to asnaf in need.
The "A & A Barbershop @ Meru" project  concept as cabin and equipped with all the tools and equipment for the barber.
Two young men (asnaf son) were trained by an experienced skilled barber mentor in that field. Training has been given for two months beginning on 1 September 2016 ago. The asnaf children successfully honed the barber talent skills with a variety of the latest styles and will be given the responsibility to handle the project.
Hope that these kids can handle the barber shop as well as possible in order to increase their family income while providing a valuable experience and to educate them to try achieve what they want and not rely on anyone.

(Source: FB Zakat Perak-MAIPk)

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