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  • Congratulations zakat payer, we are only your trustee

Congratulations zakat payer, we are only your trustee

Last week, 16 November 2016 I was surprised to receive a POSLAJU letter. This is the second invitation letter after about a month of the first invitation to receive a Special Dermasiswi Contribution. This time, once again I was invited to the Perak Islamic Religious Council & Malay Customs to accept the Supplementary Appeal Special Contribution Dermasiswi Fund for my son who is currently studying medical in Mansuro, Egypt.

These are the words of a MAIPk Dermasiswa Scheme recipient mother and recipient himself in addition to the Dermasiswa Scholarship which have been accepted by her son.

Many have questioned where the zakat money collected goes? This is one of the proof where the zakat money not only given to the poor, but also to the FISABILILLAH asnaf who is now being studying as well as the other asnaf.

Clearly, the benefits of zakat funds not only to the poor but to our students who are studying in which will produce individuals who serve the community.

MAIPk considers it is a great tribute to those who can afford to pay zakat of those receivers (Asnaf) itself.

Insya Allah Zakat funds collected, will be distributed across the board to eight recipients as written in the Quran.

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