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Tears and Sacrifice Become This Family Grief Bidder

Gerik, January 3, 2017 - Oh child, you are a gem that parent cared and loved every moment. But who would have thought, God's provision above all human plans. Allah test come to Mohd Salmizam bin Hamidon and his wife Wan Mohamad Wan Rashidah when their beloved daughter Nur Shaziatul Shamira, diagnosed with stage 4 brain stem cancer.

Mohd Salmizam only work as laborers (carpenter) in the village where he work on request and sometimes taking wages to do village work to support his four children.

Nur Shaziatul Shamira previously healthy like other children, suddenly ill in the blink of an eye. Formerly articulate and the family hope because she is the eldest sister in the family. Now, day is like a night because she could not see, mouth tightly closed, unable to speak any word and silently bedridden only.

The melancholy hearted parents, coupled with the financial burden who had to buy special milk for their children and also supply of diapers. Furthermore they have to pay RM260 for the affordable housing hire purchase every month make their life more desperate.

Because of that, the mother came to the MAIPk Gerik District office and complain about her family. MAIPk Gerik District officials has taken immediate action to deliver emergency aid to her. Monthly financial aid will also be given starting this month to ease the burden of the special needs of milk and diapers.

During our officers visited in the evening, discovered Nur Shaziatul Shamira only carpeted bedridden and ordinary mattresses. Fear of skin abrasions and worsen the situation, our officers rushed to a nearby pharmacy to buy a special mattress for Nur Shaziatul Shamira comforts.

(Source: FB Zakat Perak-MAIPk)

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