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Cancer patients at Kg Cik Zainal

Alhamdulillah, Skuad Prihatin Asnaf has received a complaint from Mr. Haji Osman regarding bedridden patients in Kg Cik Zainal and has visited the family.

Puan Nor Aini Abdullah formerly had breast cancer and underwent treatment and now these germs have spread to the liver and cause Pn. Nor Aini bedridden while her husband, Mr. Kamarudin Johari also suffered a stroke and cause difficulties to speak.

She has 3 children and two of them are married and no longer lived together. The source of income is from PERKESO contributions of total RM 450.00 and money from their children.

She is taken care by his youngest son who stopped working to make sure full attention is given to the mother.

MAIPk delivered the donation to cover the daily expenses of their family and will take further action for other forms of assistance to ease the burden.

May Ms. Nor Aini given the strength to go through pain and courage.

(Source : Zakat Perak FB - MAIPk)

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