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MAIPK Contribute Bot To Orang Asli Pulau 7, RPS Banun Community

GERIK, March 7, 2017 - MAIPk has donated a passenger boat with a length of 21 feet in length and with an engine capacity of 40 horsepower for the use of Orang Asli Pulau 7, RPS Banun, Gerik. This village is a small island in Tasik Banding. The contribution of this boat is due to see the needs of residents who do not have any water transport. Previously they had to use a boat from a nearby village and this is very difficult for them.

The needs of the boat have been recommended by the Chief Executive Officer MAIPk, Dr Amiruddin Bin Muhamed when a visit to the Orang Asli Sungai Tiang in conjunction with the presentation of zakat recently. There are many small islands in Tasik Banding is used as the Orang Asli settlement and undoubtedly their main mode of transportation is a boat. If they do not have this basic needs, they certainly will face various difficulties, especially in case of emergency things like hospitals and so on.

A boat priced RM22,050.00 was entrusted to the Village Head of Pulau 7 to be maintained and utilized for the benefit of the population. The contribution of this boat is just one form of aid provided to them. MAIPk actually have helped the Muslim community not only Orang Asli in Gerik, but throughout the State. In addition to missionary activity, MAIPk also help in terms of their welfare by providing them with various other aid using zakat funds.

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