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Visit Asnaf at Dangau Kg Air Hitam Labu, Kampar

Recently Zakat Perak received a complaint from Mrs Maznah about one family living in a hut. Mr.Mohd Johari B. Mohd Nor, 40 years old and has 7 children. His wife had died in 2014 due to the illness she suffered from liver cancer.

2 sons living with the applicant but not schooling, while 3 others stayed with his sister-in-law in Batu Gajah and 2 more in Kuala Lumpur, lives with her mother in-law.

Alhamdulillah, MAIPk Kampar District visit has identified this family needs and InsyaAllah, the next action will be taken to give them to live in decent conditions.

Contribution was handed over and hoped that this family can utilize the money as well as possible.

(Source: Zakat Perak-MAIPk)

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