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Bedridden Patients Viral Stories in Kg. Sri Kinta

En. Shaharuddin Bin Idris is a chronic gout patients (Stage 4) since 2 months ago. This resulted in him not being able to stand up and are now stranded at home. He previously worked in a hardware store in Menglembu and had to stop over health problems he experienced.

His wife, Mrs. Roslina working as a cleaner in AEON Section 18 with an income of RM 1,300.00 per month and the cost of living was assisted by his sons who work as assistant in set up tent with an estimated income of RM500.00 a month.

The couple had five children, and two of whom are disabled children aged 23 and 22, and 2 were studied at secondary school (17 and 15) and one child does not work to take care of Mr. Shaharuddin.
The family lived in the PPRT house without any help charged.

Skuad Prihatin Asnaf visit has contributed a total of RM500.00 to cover the daily needs and other help will follow up with aid in the form of monthly aid and the supply of diapers.
Skuad Prihatin Asnaf prays En. Shaharuddin gradually improved and hopefully this family strong in facing their test. Amin.

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