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MAIPk Helps Family of Seven Sibling

"We stay in front of the laundromat and father ask the people to eat." Those were the words of a child when being asked about their family situation before.
Recently, MAIPk has been visited by a family with 5 children who are still young and they have no shelter to live in.
MAIPk were inform that they have just arrived from Kuala Lumpur, the homeless and only expect people courtesy there. They also arrived here with the help of a couple who had bought a tickets for them to return here.
Accidents in the workplace cause this head of family are not able to do heavy work anymmore. It also becomes difficult when he is no longer able to provide money to rent a house and had to move out of the house. The husband also try to do the part time work but his leg, which is unable to do heave lifting complicate his work.

The high cost of living there caused the family to decided to move to Perak. The husband comes from Perak, but he only has foster family and no place to go as a shelter for his childrens and his wife.

Alhamdulillah, the MAIPk has partnered with the National Welfare Foundation Malaysia (YKN), providing a Porch Transit Project located in Ipoh, Perak, and it is the center of social intervention to help the homeless in Malaysia.
They are now living there while getting permanent settlements and subsistence aid are also delivered to the family.
InsyaAllah MAIPk will try to help the homeless and provide other assistance that can ease the burden of the family.

 (Source: FB Zakat Perak-MAIPk)

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