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Zakat at the heard of TLDM members, Lumut

Lumut, 14 April 2017 - "83rd TLDM Anniversary Celebration promote Zakat among TLDM members.

MAIPk express their gratitude to the Government Fleet commander, Vice Admiral Dato Seri Mohamad Roslan bin Mohd Ramli and all officers and members of the TLDM on the celebration of the most remarkable in the program
"Empowering Zakat, Nourish Ibadat".

We hope this momentum shown can prolonged overarching blessings for those carrying out everyday duty to maintain the country's sovereignty.

The program began with Corporate Video Impressions "Visit to Aircraft Hanger" courtesy of the Office of the Chief of Government Fleet Headquarters - Executive Zakat Talk. Friday Sermon Presentation (Zakat) ends with Zakat Counter service.

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