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  • List of Main Committees established by the Council

List of Main Committees established by the Council

A. Manage by Perak Islamic Religious Council & Malay Customs Management

1.    Committee of Shariah Law Formulation
2.    Committee of Disciplinary
3.    Committee of Officers Appointment
4.    Procurement Board
5.    Committee of Internal Audit
6.    Committee of Risk
7.    Committee of Waqf Management
8.    Committee of Top Baitulmal
9.    Committee of Mid Baitulmal
10.  Committee of Baitulmal Executive
11.  Committee of District Baitulmal

B. Manage by Perak Islamic Religious Department

1.   Committee of Islamic Education Strategic Plan Formation
2.   Committee of Disciplinary Committee Members of Kariah and Officials of Mosque

C. Manage by Perak Mufti Department

1.  Committee of Perak Fatwa
2.  Committee of Perak Islamic Religious Teaching Supervisory
3.  Committee of Moon Sighting

D. Manage by Perak Shariah Judicial Department

1. Committee of Shariah Lawyers Admission  (in accordance with the Rules of the Shariah Lawyers (Perak) 2003)
2. Committee of Shariah Lawyer Appeal Admission

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